Photo Booth

The photo booth is still a hit but the gimmicks and props haven’t changed much.

So my photobooths take this idea to the next level: Instead of hiding your guests behind dollar store props put them front and centre. Have them star in their own movie poster or finally make the cover of that magazine they covet. The only limits are our imaginations!

I love the challenge of customizing each client’s photo booth, by making it brand specific, fun, and clever. In the final product, your r photo booth will be tailored to your brand and message.  I work with you to determine the right concept and then I look after all the details. You get all the credit.

When you produce a killer event you want people to be talking about it for days.  So you continue to do what you do best, and I’ll create memories that guests can’t resist sharing. They leave with a memory, by email, on-site printing or both.

With this photo booth keepsake in their hands, your  guests will talk about you and your sponsors, in effect spreading the message for you days after an event.

Optional Add Ons

  • On Site Printing
  • On Site Emailing
  • Customized Design