30 Foot Tripod

For some projects, planes and helicopters are cost prohibitive. You could try using a drone, but getting a flight plan approved is a sea of red tape. So how do you get that great shot that gives you a bird’s-eye view?  I have the answer with the only 30-foot tripod in the city.

I can shoot unforgettable images both indoors and outdoors to get you that money shot. I can do it safely and simply. No need to climb on chairs or get on the roof. My tripod takes up minimal space so it’s unobtrusive and easy to use, and I control the camera while it’s out of reach with a unique wi-fi system from my phone or iPad.

No matter what you want or need, I can deliver those images and you can stay within budget.

  • a great group shot
  • that money shot for your conference, plenary, trade show or the exhibit hall, or
  • images of your outdoor festival to highlight the crowds and space

No need to rent that airplane. This can also be applied to landscape photos, real estate and architectural images.