Panorama Photographer

Panorama Photography

Panorama images own a unique place in my heart. I love creating them and the many ways a panoramic photo can enhance your work.

Why do you need a pano?

  • They’re a unique way to showcase all your hard work in one image.
  • They’re great for your portfolio, client presentations, and as a header or masthead image on a document, your website, or your social media profile (like your Facebook cover photo or LinkedIn cover image)—even a mural.
  • They’re memorable, and anyone who sees your event captured this way can’t forget what they’ve just seen—and that’s the point, isn’t it?

The perspective of a professional, high-resolution panorama photo offers a field of view and detail  more reflective of how we see the world and perfectly suited to today’s wider screen ratios. We can create a high-resolution panorama image from any natural or manmade vantage point (interior or exterior space, balcony, earthen elevation on-site, rooftop, etc.) or with our 30-foot-tripod.