Aerial Photographer

Aerial Photography

Are you familiar with the three main shots in any film: close-up, medium shot and wide shot? Each is unique and important in its own way, and each is used by the film-making team to build the story. Aerial photography has its own special place in the building blocks of photography. Think of it as another version of a wide-angle shot, albeit from 1000+ ft in the sky!

Aerial photography—by airplane, floatplane, or helicopter—provides a unique birds-eye view of a place or project for planning or promotion.

All my life I’ve loved this type of image. Now, I have the privilege of shooting these types of images on a yearly basis for multiple clients.

Every one of my aerial projects begins with an in-depth discussion to plan our shoot. Once I understand your needs I’ll look after all the details including aircraft rental, equipment, and choosing the perfect day to shoot for you.

I also always map out our route in order to deliver high-quality aerial photos. Plus, with years of experience shooting from the sky, I understand weather patterns and the best times of day to shoot. I even use sun-tracking tech to pre-visualize the times of day for each location.

When in the air, I communicate with the pilot to maximize airtime to keep your costs to a minimum. I always fly safe and supplement the aircraft’s seat belt with a double harness system of my own when shooting with the door off. Yes, the door’s off!

Not all perspectives are created equal, which is why I love shooting aerial projects.

Aerial Photography Options:

  • Medium Format Camera
  • Video Services
  • Airplane Option
  • Floatplane Option
  • Helicopter Option