30-Foot Tripod Photographer

30-Foot Tripod Photography

With my 30-foot tripod, I can shoot unforgettable birds-eye view images both indoors and out, and in empty or crowded spaces. It’s lightweight, easily portable and I can use it safely and simply in every location.

When aerial photography from planes and helicopters is too expensive and drone photography requires permits or is prohibited, my 30-foot tripod can get the shot! It takes up as much space as a person standing in one spot and I control the camera while it’s out of reach with a unique wi-fi system from my phone or iPad.

One type of unforgettable image is placing the camera in an unusual spot, someplace that seems impossible. It’s eye-catching and memorable every time. No matter what you want or need, I can deliver aerial shots without a drone or plane and you can stay within budget.

I’ve taken my tripod on planes, boats, in cars, lugged it through orchards, all to get my clients exactly what they need but haven’t been able to get from other photographers before.

Birds-Eye Photography Options:

  • Big impact interior shot for your conference, plenary, trade show, or the exhibit hall
  • Images of your outdoor space to highlight the design and architecture
  • Images of your festival to highlight the crowds and performances
  • Stills, video, or time-lapse
  • Large group shots