My photography starts with looking at and thinking about the world. It ends with an image where all the small decisions and technical choices I make disappear so you’re left with an image in it’s simplest form.

I started Jon Benjamin Photography in 2001 to create images that share my way of seeing the world with my clients’ goals in mind.

I focus on the ideas because I believe the final image should be grounded in a strong narrative approach.

Technique serves the idea in my opinion, and that’s why my images have a very natural look and feel to them.

I like to think of myself as the photographer who will shoot your project in a way that respects the story, the people and the message. I partner with you on your project. Whether it’s custom stock images, conferences, aerial, portraits, video, or events, I’m invested in their success.

Please get in touch and let’s collaborate on your next project. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the images.