I have always created pictures, searching for ways to see the world as a visual artist, and to translate those ideas into images.  

Early on, I used pencil, crayons and ink, becoming my school’s resident artist.  After that my family’s Super 8mm film camera and the footage we shot on vacations inspired me.  In my early teens, with my first camera in hand, a Minolta XG1, I realized I had found what I was looking for.  I supplemented that camera and single lens with additional lenses, slowly developing my shooting style and finding the gear that suited me best.

When I hit 18, I loaded up a backpack with gear and film, and spent 5 months in Europe. In retrospect that experience was my own private photography training. There was no instant gratification like there is with digital.  I had to plan each shot, think the technique through before I shot, and I took copious notes about certain shots so I could look back and see what I did right.  That wealth of knowledge enhanced my studies at Concordia University in Montreal, where I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I started Jon Benjamin Photography in 2001 to create images that share my way of seeing the world with my clients goals in mind.

I focus on the idea behind  the image, as nothing else really matters to me if the final image isn’t grounded in a strong narrative approach.

From there, I let that narrative inform me about the light and the myriad of technical choices at my disposal.  Technique serves the idea in my opinion, and that’s why my images have a very natural look and feel to them.

All the dedication and years of experience that go into the work I create is part of the seamless quality of each image.  Photography starts with looking at and thinking about the world.  It ends with an image where all the small decisions and technical choices I made disappear so the viewer can see something pure and simple.

I like to think of myself as the photographer who will shoot your project in a way that respects the story, the people and the message. I’m not a one-dimensional photographer. I partner with my clients on their project, and over time for all their photography projects, from custom stock images to conferences and events, as I am invested in their success. Get in touch and let’s collaborate on your next project.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the images.