Giving Back Through Photography

The business of photography has been altered for anywhere from 6-12 months. So I’m deep into an exciting period of soul searching to redevelop my photo and video company.

There’s a creative side to it, but there’s also a very analytical/left brain part of this.

So that’s led me develop this project to stay creative

I’ve been documenting people in Vancouver who are cheering for our health care and front line workers at 7pm. It’s call 7pmcheer, and you can find me on Instagram @7pmcheer.

I shoot for 1 minute and it’s free

This is how it works for me: on my own time I connect with people & set a day for me to come to the outside of their apartment or house at 6:55. We meet, practice social distancing, I find the angles I like, and then for 1 minute from 7:00 – 7:01 I photograph them banging pots, playing instruments ..

That’s it!

My goal by the end of May is to compile 50 images into a beautifully designed print, and sell it with 100% of the cost going to charities. I’d like to support the food bank, woman’s shelters that are seeing a rise of woman who are suffering from a surge in domestic violence during the pandemic, and front line support initiatives.

What can you do?

Please go to my Instagram page, like my photos, follow me and share this project with your friends. If you’d like to participate you can message me on Insta or via email to take part and have your photo included. Last but just as importantly, please please buy a print when it’s ready to support these great causes!!

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