New Portfolio Shoot

I’m a recent convert to vegetarianism, about a year now.  So I decided to get inspired by that major life change and create a couple images in honour of my new life style.

Working with two models (thank you InSpirational in Vancouver), a couple of killer assistants (Jésus and Ian), a fantastic venue (Hawksworth restaurant), a wardrobe stylist (Steph) who came on board late but absolutely rocked it, Li-Sun on hair/mua, and Heather kicking ass on food styling, I used a shoe from Floevog and a belt to get a little cheeky about choosing not to eat meat.

The two shoots were lit very simply, which I won’t go into because it’s very easy to figure out how a photographer lights his scenes (hint: it’s all in the eyes:)  I did utilize post production on both images, as the interior shot required some work on the beer, the sho

e bite, and the models cheek, while the exterior shot required some work to take an overcast rainy day and make it more dynamic.

This is the type of work I love as it comes from my heart and tells a story.  The

re’s more of a narrative going on here, something a touch absurd, and a lot of skill from everyone involved.  It was a challenge to produce and I think that amount of effort resonates with the viewer.

Have a look, hope you enjoy.

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