Nikon Keeps Me Interested

Ok, so my instincts about the D810 were right, and it wasn’t the right camera for me.

For one, it’s an amazing camera, but not for my type of work, which requires a jack-of-all-trades type of system.  That’s why the D700 and D300s were perfect in their time.  The D810 was simply me trying to put a round peg into a square hole.  The main issue was that it had too much resolution for my average client, and the sRaw feature resulted in a partially processed ‘Raw’ file.  I simply couldn’t take the chance on that and so moved on to testing the Nikon D750 when it came out in September 2014.

Beau Photo, the great Vancouver pro shop, helped me out as usual and let me play with a D750 body one day.  The verdict: It’s a great camera, and there’s a reason why it earned Camera of the Year by Popular Photography!  For pros and enthusiasts alike, it simply has it all; 24mp, fast frame rate, quiet shutter, a very high natural dynamic range, incredible low noise even at 6400 ISO, lightweight, and the new tilt LCD screen come in more handy than one might expect.  It’s video capabilities are not just tops in its camera class, but in any pro DSLR class of camera across all manufacturers.

Another unexpected bonus has been how it’s changed and improved my shooting.  With it’s high dynamic range and exceptionally low noise, I can shoot without flash more often, resulting in more natural/documentary looking images.  Freeing myself of having to use a flash gave me that ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling.  I loved it, it was so freeing.

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