Nikon, Nikon, Nikon…

… do you deserve my loyalty?

That’s the ultimate question.  Which camera brand can deliver the best results for me, and is showing that as a manufacturer and innovator, they are continuing to be the best investment for my work and my company.

For 25 years it’s been Nikon, from the days of all manual lenses (24mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, 120mm 2.8 etc) to all manual film bodies (FM2, F3, F100) and on through the digital revolution (D70, D200, D300s).  This last one, the D300s, pushed the envelope of mid-range digital bodies so far ahead, that it was a no brainer 4 years ago that Nikon would continue to innovate and lead in this category.

Then Canon showed up with the 1D Mark II and the shit hit the fan at Nikon.  An absolute game changer in the industry.  After this Nikon lost the plot.  Somewhere along the way they abandoned the mid-range pro bodies, and I fell through the cracks.

Changing brands is like ending a marriage.  It’s emotional, there’s history and it’s expensive!  I don’t want to do it but I’ll absolutely have to if Nikon’s June 26th major announcement doesn’t leap frog them back into the mid-range pro digital race with Canon.

The news is not a new model, but an upgrade on an existing model, the D800, which at the time of its release 2 years ago, was expected to be the upgrade people were waiting for in my category.  Instead it was a sensational camera but geared for a completely different photographer.

Is now the time you get it right Nikon?????  D800, apparently being called the D810, you better be or this is going to be one messy breakup.

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