The WCLC in Sydney

Notice I didn’t write  ‘… Sydney, Australia‘?  That’s because I was pretty much kept on a 2km long leash while Down Under! – hotel to Darwin harbour and back each day.  All my days were taken up with work, but I had 1 day off for good behaviour at the end.  Luckily a local took the day off and showed me around so I got a good taste of the city beyond Darwin Harbour and the Sydney Convention Centre.

What brought me down under in the first place was the opportunity to shoot the World Conference on Lung Cancer.  I was so proud to be asked a second time to shoot this bi-yearly global gathering of all things oncological (San Fran 08 as well).

To celebrate this project, I prepared to do some new things for my client.  In all, it was 6 days, about 90 hours, 5000 images captures, 5 HDR interiors created, numerous creative concepts utilized to make conference photography look exciting and 15 time lapse movies made.  — The time lapse are a great marketing idea for any corporate project as they turn all the hard work it takes to produce, create and build an event into a short eye candy video capsule that’s easy to swallow and totally satisfying.  Post it, tweet it out, brag about it on Linkedin, pop it up to Vimeo, carry it around on your iPhone.  I can even add music, voice and sound fx to it; et voila, instant sales tool, wherever you are.

Here are some of the HDR interiors I produced from Sydney/the WCLC (plus a few from Sydney I shot with my new micro 4/3rds Lumix).  This room is still used as the local house of Parliament, and my client brought in the lighting and tables/chairs etc to take it all to another level.  Great work, and congrats to Grit and Mathias and everyone at ICS for all their work and vision.

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