End of Summer Project

Finished up my summer 2013 with a month long downtown Vancouver stock project. Love this type of work! The goal was to show various aspects of DT Van and frame it as the beautiful, electric and modern city that it is.  So I started by building a shot list with my client, scouted the locations to see how the light looked at different times of day, designed my schedule and then went to work.

Some shots required early morning, others late day, and some were even more specific then that; requiring exact hours to the minute to avoid shadows and get the perfect light.

I’ve been on rooftops and underground, shooting at sunrise and sunset, using helpful people as models and doing street photography. All in, I spent 60+ hours shooting, over 15 days, plus another 25 hours editing and I delivered over 500 images.

The 6 finished images here represent the cities location, architecture, energy and beauty. We chose to use a pseudo HDR look and long exposures to create images with a focal point and colour palette that buzzed.  I generally don’t use HDR because it’s a lazy technique to get dramatic lighting and textures without doing the real work of photography; research, patience, planning, technique, technology, artistry, timing…  I preach about getting the shots in camera by chasing the right light and angles.  For these shots I did all that, but I was still unsatisfied with my digital gear and found my images had too small a dynamic range to show off the city as I saw it for this project.  So I adjusted my tools and used HDR to slightly increase the visual light spectrum range and get in the file what I had in my mind; to peer deeper into the cityscape, to look further into the shadows and to see more of the street.  I think these shots are near perfect for what I set out to do, and I learn’t a few things along the way.

My client wanted a website that would have images to help it compete with it’s competition in cities like Brooklyn, Houston, and Chicago.

Have a stock project large or small? Gimme a call.

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