Portfolio Shoot

At the end of a crazy and trying year, I really needed to create something that was the photographic equivalent of a huge scream!  So I took a tbs of influences, a tbs of reinventing a classic, and a tbs of good friends and came up with an inspired portfolio shoot for my season’s greeting card 2011.

At the time I was really into the TV show Dexter, and the brilliant photographer Jill Greenberg had been the visual stylist behind the posters and promo images – bursting emotions, candy colours, and a twisted take on the shows already bent characters.  So I sold my idea to a bunch of friends who’s faces have always inspired me, as well as to a total stranger I met at a blues bar one night, and created my own version of the season’t greetings card.

The concept was memories of what it was like to receive gifts that didn’t quite make me jump for joy, and what myexpressions would have been if I’d shown my true emotion at the time.  So after buying some props, organizing my assistant, finding a location, catering and wardrobe, everyone arrived and I asked my models to go big, VERY BIG.

Shooting green screen is always a blast, and it’s pretty straightforward.  The lighting was clean and even on the green screen, and once I popped a ring-flash on the lens the look was complete.  I then worked with a new digital post artist to finish the images with a candy coloured background specifically chosen for each image.  Check out these behind the scenes images and some before and afters of the models work.  The complete set can be found in the Portraits portfolio.

(Huge thanks to Michael, Al, Jared, Emilio and Mr. Sida, Oonah, James + Muneera, Shaylih, Jessie and Shae, and Margi for the location)

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