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OK, in the spirit of getting more serious with my marketing I’ve been working on this new website, which you’re viewing, and which went live in June 2013.  It’s been a huge undertaking, draining hours each week from my day for weeks to get it here, and I’d love your feedback.

The basics are that I moved it from an HTML platform to a WordPress platform.  My research, web designer, and business mentor all pointed to WordPress as being a very friendly platform when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization).  This is key for anyone’s marketing plan, and especially true for a photographer.

I’ve looked at hundreds of photographers websites and they’re basically all making the same mistake over and over again, which I made myself for many years: an active portfolio site with very little text.  Some are clever, innovative and transporting experiences, but only after YOU find it, so they’re basically invisible to Google.  The ones that rank highly are not always the best photographers!  But they rank highly because they are photographers who are the best at SEO.  A very distinctive difference, but one that potential clients don’t always understand.  So if you pop up in a search on page 6, good luck with that, cause you might as well pop up on page 50.

If you’d like to give me some feedback, think in terms of my site as a portfolio website that is here to showcase my work, but also grade it on how well it markets to you; SEO, how easily it was to find, was my text helpful, did you find what you were looking for, is the blog something you’d bookmark or in your opinion is it going to wash out into the ether and float away, and what would you also like to see here.

Can’t wait to read your comments and suggestions.

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