It’s got to begin somewhere

My toolbox is simple: camera, lenses, lights, light modifiers, and of course my digital darkroom. How I subtly use these tools is the key. So over time you’ll learn about my creative process, my workflow, and my approach to the business side of photography. You’ll also get some current details on gear and shooting ideas that you can apply to your work, or just to help you get a deeper appreciation of my art and the art of photography in general.

And along the journey, you’ll get insights into what inspires my company, who inspires me, and some of the decisions that go into the endless search to improve my practice through technology (software, cameras, lenses, lighting).

Yeah that’s a lot to say I know, and there’s no way I’ll get it all out in a few posts. So bookmark me and check back every few weeks for more of my ideas and work. And THANKS!, while I like to write, it’s pretty sweet to have an audience too.

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